Grow your Emotional Intelligence with EQally app!

While others are teaching machines to recognize and identify our emotions, have you asked yourself how good are you at it? Based on years of scientific research we bring you - EQally - to help you develop your own emotional recognition.

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About Us

We are the experts aiming to bring behavioral science, technology and fun together. EQally is the starting point to help people to expand and master communication tools nature and evolution provided us with.

In the world of overflow of unreliable information, we guarantee that all we offer is based on time-proven scientific research.

Our goal is to make science intelligible, easy to use through technology and to experience joyful learning. We aim to make this behavior knowledge to be globally available through our tools because the language of our emotional expressions is Universal.

EQally helps everyone to develop emotional awareness in conversations and the ability to take another person's perspective and learn from them.

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